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It takes a different breed of person to provide stellar pet food and to become a Jemelli Specialist – a title we use to describe our professional pet food creators. I know that it takes a special person, a perfect fit, a different breed,  to dedicate their days, to care for your very special pets, while upholding the high standards and values, that Jemelli has created. Our super food for pets is:

  1. ·         human grade
  2. ·         free of genetically engineered organism (GMO free)
  3. ·         natural, free of artificial flavors, colorant or preservatives
  4. ·         organic
  5. ·         enriched with natural anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals
  6. ·         balanced

The Jemelli production process is closely monitored, tested and controlled. We produce quality food with care for nature and the specific needs of animals. Our veterinarians and nutrition experts’ team is always testing the composition of our food in order improve the quality. The only purpose is to improve the dog food.

Initial Franchise Fee
Total Investment
$34,300 - $43,900
Year Founded
# of Existing Units
7% of Gross Revenue

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