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B Nutritious

B Nutritious is a professional meal preparation agency that is highly fueled with a burning desire to promote a healthier lifestyle. It was founded in 2014 by Brian Nguyen, a sport fanatic flawed with a little limitation. Brian has always been involved with sports and recreational activities but eating healthy was never part of his lifestyle. In February, 2011 he took a photo and he was completely disappointed when he saw himself. At that moment he realized he needed to make a complete lifestyle change in fitness and nutrition. He joggled from high school football, training Thai boxing (Muay Thai) to competing in the National Physique Committee and throughout the 3 years he invested in the process, he has learnt everything that has to do with nutrition.

Initial Franchise Fee
Total Investment
$233,700 - $436,300
Year Founded
# of Existing Units
5% of “Gross Revenue

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